About Zoe Knighton

My Experience

I have over 7 years experience as a general digital marketing consultant. I have worked for companies across a broad range of industries and across many countries. My experience has taught me that marketing is constantly evolving, and to be sucessful, my campaigns need to evolve too. This is why I pitch myself as an optimisation and problem solving consultant – because the old adage “don’t fix what isn’t broken” doesn’t apply to marketing.

Digital Strategy Optimisation

Everything can be improved, especially your marketing. While I often describe myself as a generalist, I do have a few areas of specialism.

Campaign Optimisation

Campaigns are not set up and left to suceed or fail. Constant analysis and adjustments are needed to ensure you are getting the ost out of your campaign budget.


Whether for product descriptions, or for a thought leadership ghostwriten series of articles, I have experience in crafting content in your tone of voice designed to achieve your goals.

Digital Training

Want to improve the skills of your marketing team, or more closely align their work to your company goals? I offer in house training on a variety of subjects including Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy and Digital Auditing.

Digital Project Management

From website redesigns, to rebranding your business, I have managed international projects with tight budgets and timelines to completion. My skills as a problem solver make it easy for me to identify potential delays and solve issues before they can derail your project.

My Qualifications

As marketing is constantly evolving, so too should us marketers. I believe strongly that every marketing professional should be continuously looking to improve their skill set with new qualifications, new methods and new tools.

BA Business Management

I studied Business Management at the University of Winchester, selecting marketing modfules for all my elective classes. It was here that I realised how fascinating marketing could be.

CIM Level 6 Digital Strategy

I am part way through the level 6 course from CIM. I have already received an award for the Mastering Metrics module and continue to study with the Oxford College of Marketing.

Google Squared, Adwords and Analytics

In 2015 I completed the year two year Google Squared course which focused on strategy and digital transformation. I also have certifications in Adwords and Analytics which I keep up to date.

Advanced Social Media

I have attended advanced Social Media Marketing training, and Advance Social Media Strategy training for a total of three days throughout 2017-2018.

IDM Level 4 GDPR

In 2017 I completed the IDM Level 4 certification in GDPR. I have used this knowledge to help prepare businesses for the introduction of informed consent.

Hubspot Training

I have completed all the certifications available from Hubspot including Content, Email, Social and Inbound Marketing. I keep these certifications up to date, and recommend these courses to those starting their careers.

Adobe Creative Suite

I am a proficient user of the Adobe Creative Suite and recently completed a one day training course at a Basic/Intermediate level.

Examples of Past Projects

Here are some of the projects I have been hired to complete. For more information on how I can help you with similar projects please contact me with your project brief.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

This company hired me to help them fix an urgent issue. They had disappeared from Google and had been forced to change their URL. I used a combination of Social, Content, PPC and SEO to get them back into the top 3 results within 6 months.


PayPoint hired me to project manage the development of their new website. The project took 3 months but was delivered on time, to budget and with conversion optimisation a key feature of their new site.


I was hired by CNN International Corporate to copywrite the B2B content for their new website. As part of this project I also rewrote their case studies to be more appealing to the audience they wanted to target and convert.