social media strategy collaboration

Collaboration is the key to Social Media Success

When you start on Social Media, it can be intimidating. There are so many businesses that have been there longer than you, accounts that seem to have so many followers and each post has multiple comments, likes, retweets, shares… and your latest post sits there achieving nothing. We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s a dog…
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Internal Emails use Platform

Why you should be using an Email Platform to send Internal emails

Recently, I was talking to a colleague while we waited for the coffee machine to be free. She was complaining that she had sent a company wide internal email and had no idea if anyone had read it. Firstly, I hadn’t received this company wide email – so was she sure her list was up-to-date?…
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How to create a Content Strategy

90% of the data on the internet was created from 2016. With bloggers, businesses and publishers all creating content at exponential rates, is content marketing still a viable method for marketers to be using? According to this infographic, 80% of B2C marketers can demonstrate with metrics how content marketing has increased their audience engagement. Why…
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How to Prepare for a Marketing Job Interview

A job interview is daunting at the best of times, but marketing is a notoriously hard industry to break into. It’s easy for us to forget how hard it was to get that first interview, that first job, after you’ve been in the industry for a while. Looking back to when I left University, I…
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Marketing Week Live 2018 Recap

First off, one of the great things about this conference is that it is free to attend, and comes with its own app! At least a week before attending, fire up the app and look through the different talks, then create your own schedule (with reminders) right there in the app. My plan was to…
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Social Media for Small Businesses

How to get started on Social Media

Most businesses these days have a website, and accounts on Social Media. If you don’t or are just starting your business, this is a great place to start! Which Platform is right for you? Don’t immediately create accounts on every platform out there. If you are a Care Home for the elderly, chances are you…
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How to use Google to create blog ideas

Writing content every week sounds easy, until you have to do it. When you are writing about the same topic for a while, you can start to feel as if you have written about every subject available, and blog ideas seem like a thing of the past. Fear not! Writer’s block is no longer the…
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Content Marketing Blog

Content Marketing: Is it possible with a budget of £0?

Content Marketing has been a buzzword for a few years now. The internet is inundated with content from blogs, company websites, FAQs and more – in fact in 2013 there were already 152,000 blogs on the internet. So why do it if you are just contributing to the noise? Should you even bother with Content…
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Social Media Facebook

Facebook Update: Should brands panic?

Facebook recently announced that they would be changing the way that they decide which posts appear in news feeds. This wasn’t the announcement we were expecting – as they had been testing a separate news feed for company pages. You can read the full announcement here. Is the Facebook Update bad news for Company Pages?…
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Billboards as PR

I was lucky enough in one of my first full-time marketing roles to be able to give my opinion on budget spend. When I first started in this particular role I found that the entire year’s budget had already been allocated, into newspaper adverts. While newspaper adverts can and do work for some, in this…
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