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Marketing Week Live 2018 Recap

First off, one of the great things about this conference is that it is free to attend, and comes with its own app! At least a week before attending, fire up the app and look through the different talks, then create your own schedule (with reminders) right there in the app. My plan was to…
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Facebook Update: Should brands panic?

Facebook recently announced that they would be changing the way that they decide which posts appear in news feeds. This wasn’t the announcement we were expecting – as they had been testing a separate news feed for company pages. You can read the full announcement here. Is the Facebook Update bad news for Company Pages?…
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GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the catch-phrase of the day. I mentioned it to a current colleague of mine and after a few minutes a got a reply saying that she’d Googled it and we didn’t need to worry yet because it wouldn’t come into effect until May 2018.   In fact, the GDPR…
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