Collaboration is the key to Social Media Success

Collaboration is the key to Social Media Success

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When you start on Social Media, it can be intimidating. There are so many businesses that have been there longer than you, accounts that seem to have so many followers and each post has multiple comments, likes, retweets, shares… and your latest post sits there achieving nothing.

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s a dog eat dog world!” Some people take this to heart with Social Media marketing and act as though there is a limited amount of engagement to go around.

Customers don’t scroll through news feed thinking “I’ve only got two likes to give out today, so I have to pick carefully”

The reality is, if they find it valuable, or it resonates with them, they will engage.

Find someone just like you, and help them

Obviously I’m not recommending you find your local competitor and like all their posts. Like all marketing, you need a strategy if you hope to succeed.If you are a Personal Trainer, but you only work in a certain area, why can’t you cross promote another Personal Trainer who works in another area of the country?

They aren’t stealing your customers, you aren’t stealing theirs, but by sharing each other’s content, talking openly in the comments of each other’s posts – you are boosting their message, helping them to reach further, and they could do the same for you.

For example, as a Marketer, I dabble in content marketing. I mostly write for myself, or for my employer, I rarely get the chance to content market for clients as they need my time focussed elsewhere. Same with Graphic Design.

So when someone comes to me and asks about content marketing, or literature creation, I’ll answer basic questions and then refer them to contacts of mine.

It means I can help my contacts to grow their own businesses, and my profile benefits from the engagement.

Isn’t that just networking?

Yes, because that’s what Social Media was created for. It was designed to generate conversations, make connections, spread the word – and by clinging to the idea of self-promotion, you are limiting the benefits you can get from it.

There is a reason that Influencer marketing has been a hot trend in marketing – because they are sharing their audience and boosting your reach. So rather than shelling out the big bucks to get Kim Kardashian to tweet about you, why not reach out to a local business and proposes the idea of collaboration.

When I was a struggling author, I joined multiple groups where we all promoted each other. It was a rule that for every post you asked for engagement on, you had to engage on at least one post of someone else in the group. Everyone benefitted from the increased reach and engagement.

Despite the fact that we were all authors, competing would have done us no good. After all, do you find an author and then refuse to read any books except those written by them? There were plenty of readers to share between us, and since we couldn’t produce books fast enough on our own to satiate the readers appetite, by sharing news of other author’s releases, we kept our readers attention. Which meant the when we did have a new releases, our audience were still there, and still engaged!

Social Media is hard…

… so don’t make it harder on yourself. Reach out to someone today, and let me know what results you see!


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