Facebook Update: Should brands panic?

Facebook Update: Should brands panic?

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Facebook recently announced that they would be changing the way that they decide which posts appear in news feeds. This wasn’t the announcement we were expecting – as they had been testing a separate news feed for company pages.

You can read the full announcement here.

Is the Facebook Update bad news for Company Pages?

It could be. Facebook announced that they wanted to focus on engagement and conversation. So if you have a Facebook page that generates audience engagement and stimulates conversation, you don’t need to worry. If, however, your Facebook page focuses on promotional posts about your latest products/services that receives little to no engagement, then yes – your reach is going to be affected by the update.

Facebook has been very open from the beginning that Company pages that wanted great reach needed to either have really engaging content, or a big budget for boosting their posts.

What can you do to stop the Update from affecting your Facebook page?

Put your audience first.

If you were your customer, what would you be interested in reading about? What would make you comment, click, like or share a post? If you are using your Facebook page as a soap box from which to shout about your products, like a street market vendor – stop now. Invest the time in creating a content and social media strategy that is based on being useful and interesting to your audience.

Another way to ensure your audience gets to see your posts, is to open a “group” for your company. Facebook Groups are not subject to the same limitations as a Page, and in most cases will send a notification to all group members with every new post.

Should you delete your page in favour of a group? No, but having both could be beneficial. Groups are built around conversation so it’s a good way to find out what your audience is interested in for your Facebook page.


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