Pricing and Packages

Digital Marketing Packages

From Customer Acquistition to Brand Awareness – lets start with a FREE consultation to discover what your company needs, and build you a unique package of marketing activity from there.

Below packages are ‘Retainer’ based packages that gaurentee a minimum amount of time per month. All of these packages come with a guarenteed minimum amount of time, and the ability to ‘rollover’ some hours onto the next month. Additionally, included in the package is a 2 hour report, customised with your branding, and to your company goals. This will be delivered digitally, but can also be delivered in person if required.



per month (+VAT)

  • 12 hours minimum, Choose any four of the following:
  • One thought leadership style article (1,000+ words)
  • Two blogs (400 – 800 words)
  • Three email marketing sends with A/B testing
  • Set up a five email ‘Welcome’ automation for sign-ups
  • Tailored content strategy for one social media channel
  • Management of Paid Search (up to £500 spend monthly)
  • Site Audit and SEO optimisation action plan
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per month (+VAT)

  • 50 hours minimum, choose from any nine of the following:
  • Two thought leadership articles (1,000+ words)
  • Four blogs (400 – 800 words)
  • Six Email marketing sends with A/B testing
  • Email Automation for customer journey
  • Tailored content strategy for three social media channels
  • Management of Paid Search (Budget over £1,000 monthly)
  • Site Audit and SEO optimisation action plan
  • Keyword and Competitor Reporting
  • Google Analytics Reporting (and set up if needed)
  • Google Tag Manager set up
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Tailored to your needs

Have you ever looked at something and realised that although the basic package suits you perfectly, you need one feature from the premium package? That’s not a problem here. The above is simply an axample of what you could receive, but it depends on what you need. If you want the basic package, but want me to spend all that time looking after your paid search with a monthly spend of £50,000 – not a problem. That’s why every package starts with a FREE consultation, to be sure that you will get exactly what you need to help your business grow.

Free Consultation

Before you can join one of the marketing packages, you need to schedule a time for your free consultation. Once your consultation is scheduled you will receive a simple form to complete ahead of the phone call to ensure you are able to make the most of your free consultation.
After the call, you will be given a recommended package based on your business goals.

Onboard New Employees

Hired a new marketing employee and ready to cancel your contract? Congratulations! But before you pull the plug, let me come in and onboard your new employee on your current campaigns and plans to ensure a smooth transition.

One month with no obligations

Try us for one month before the rolling aspect of our contract activates. After your first month, contracts are for a rolling 6 months.

Free Reporting (worth 2 hours minimum)

Get in depth reports on your marketing activity using real figures and KPIs (no vanity metrics!). This report will be delivered digitally but can be delivered in person if required.

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