How to use Google to create blog ideas

How to use Google to create blog ideas

Writing content every week sounds easy, until you have to do it. When you are writing about the same topic for a while, you can start to feel as if you have written about every subject available, and blog ideas seem like a thing of the past.

Fear not! Writer’s block is no longer the end of your content journey! Here are some ways that you can use Google to help build your content strategy.

1. Using Google Analytics.

Google will hide most of the Search terms people use to find you under the tag “Not Set” but it will still provide you with some people good information that you can turn into blog ideas. For example, you are the owner of local bakery and your google search tells you that people have found you using terms such as “fresh cream cakes” and “birthday cake ready now!”

You then have two themes you can create blogs about:

Fresh cream cakes – how to store them, how soon to buy them before an event, how to tell that a cream cake has fresh cream.

Birthday Cakes – how soon in advance you should order, what size you need to order depending on number of guests, ways to cut birthday cakes that will save on waste.

2. Using Google Adwords.

In a similar way to Google Analytics, the search terms people use to find you are available in your account. Unlike in Analytics, Adwords will let you export the full list of every search time your advert appeared for.

This is a great way to audit your account, checking for superfluous searches, but can also be a great source of blog ideas. A lot of people will input a search as a question, giving you plenty of fodder for an FAQ blog series.

3. Using Google Autocomplete

If you have a basic idea of what you want to write about, but no definite article ideas, then Google Autocomplete is your new best friend.

It’s really simple to use, just go to google search and begin typing. Autocomplete will begin suggesting search results for you – which you can use to prompt new blog ideas. For example, typing in starter phrases such as “How do I…” or “What does…” and your subject can lead to some interesting autocomplete ideas.

Google Autocomplete Example

This should give you a few ideas, but if you are still stuck why not try asking a customer what they would like to hear about from you? Or refresh a blog from a year ago with the latest information.


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