Why you should be using an Email Platform to send Internal emails

Why you should be using an Email Platform to send Internal emails

Internal Emails use Platform

Recently, I was talking to a colleague while we waited for the coffee machine to be free. She was complaining that she had sent a company wide internal email and had no idea if anyone had read it.

Firstly, I hadn’t received this company wide email – so was she sure her list was up-to-date?

Secondly, if she wanted to know who was opening the emails, why wasn’t she checking the report panel of our marketing software?

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

The list she had used was given to her by the HR department last year. As for reporting… she had sent the emails via outlook – at least she had used the BCC function!

Outlook is dumb

This is how I’ve explained it whenever someone asks me why an email isn’t showing properly, or why their internal message ended up in the spam folder.

Just today I had a client contact me asking about a JustGiving button – they are fundraising and wanted to include a “donate now” button in their emails, but had been given an html code snippet by JustGiving. Obviously in outlook, it just appeared as code.

Outlook is a great tool, it’s useful for office/business emails and the task/calendar functions are really good. But it is really dumb when it comes to marketing – it can’t cope with HTML code.

Bad news for the B2B marketers out there – your pretty email is probably reduced to text with poor placement when received by someone using Outlook.

Why pay to use an Email Platform for Internal emails?

Just to be clear – you don’t need to pay for an email platform solely for your internal emails.

If you already have a preferred email platform, it makes sense to add your employees as a separate list – even if this bumps you up to the next level package.

However, there is a way to do it for free.

MailChimp lets you send messages to up to 2000 subscribers for free. It may have limited access to certain features, and will also probably contain some MailChimp branding – but if it’s only for internal messages, does that matter?

What are the benefits of using an Email Platform over Outlook?

For one thing, it becomes a lot easier to maintain your list.

Ask your HR department to send you monthly ‘joiners and leavers’ email lists for you to update your email platform with.

It also sends the email without letting subscribers see other subscribers email addresses, and you can’t accidentally hit “reply all”.

Not only will you be able to see the Open Rate (Number of people you sent the email too diving by the number of people who opened the email) but you can then send reminders to those who haven’t opened – great for those compliance emails where you need to know who has read the message.

You can also ensure that you messages are sent in full brand colours/identity. This helps to provide consistency and encourages the brand guidelines – great for brand defence.


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